Four Activities For When The Weather isn’t Working Out

Somethings we just can’t plan for, and the weather is one of them. No matter what season you decide to visit us, sometimes the weather just doesn’t work out and plans get squashed. But never dear! We have your back, the great thing about the city a it is brimming with activities suitable for those wet grey days:

Tauranga Historic Village

This historical Village is the perfect all-ages activity where you can take a trip back in time and learn a little bit about the local history. A you stroll the cobbled streets of the Village you will get to explore a collection of original and replica buildings from early Tauranga set in gorgeous gardens and natural bush surrounds – and the shops are open for business!

These wonderful character buildings are home to over 50 businesses including shops and community organisations and they also hold regular events including exhibitions and workshops. Most importantly the village is totally free to visit and explore!

Relax in a Hot Pool or Spa

As you probably already know from our own thermal pool, Tauranga is the perfect place to enjoy a warm swim or a relaxing spa in thermal water. If you want to venture away from the motel you have two fantastic places in the city to enjoy a warm dip! The first is Mount Hot Pools, an award-winning location that features salt water pools of different varieties and also includes massages on site and private pools for you to truly unwind.

Your other choice is the amazing Fernland Spas, established in the early 1950’s, this complex features a large heated pool with surrounding birdlife, private pools and bubble pools. Fernlands also have classes and massages for you to enjoy.

The Elms

Te Elms/Te Papa Tauranga is a chance to really experience some New Zealand history s this historic site is one of New Zealand’s oldest. As a place of early contact between Māori and Pākehā, this historic site remains at the center of Tauranga’s history and identity today. Encompassing category one listed heritage buildings and nationally significant collections – all set within a diverse and tranquil garden setting – this one hectare property is a must-see destination for visitors looking to learn more about the region and its important history.

Indoor Rock Climbing

Looking for a bit of adventure but hindered by bad weather? Then we have the activity for you! Rocktopia is an indoor rock climbing experience that is suitable for all ages and a great family day out for those wet days, It includes different walls and designs for different age groups and experience.